We're Raising Dogs, not Puppies

Oh, Puppies :) They are so cute and fun, as well as the starting point of building a well rounded dog. These little ones won't be little for long, so let's be proactive in our relationship to raise them right and into the dog you want!

Working on potty training is a no brainer for folks - everyone gets a puppy and starts working really hard on creating a routine and distinction of what time and where to potty so that they teach this growing little dog how NOT to be an adult dog using the bathroom in the house. Besides potty training, however, lots of people struggle with the blurred line of what is OK to allow behavior wise with their pup and what isn't, because we think "he's just a puppy." It's important to realize that, just like potty training, your puppy won't teach himself what to do - you have to! Puppies don't just "grow out of" puhsy behaviors.

Remember, you are actually raising a dog - not a puppy - so the behaviors you allow now are things you will continue to see as they grow up. Make sure you arn't encouraging things you don't want in an adult dog, like jumping up, nipping or biting, crying for attention, or sleeping in bed. Even things like constantly clobbering (trying to play with) the older dog in the house or chasing the cat should not be seen as endearing behaviors, but opportunities to teach your puppy the proper way to be around animals.

You are creating long standing habits for your young dog by what you do and don't allow - make sure you arn't encouraging things you wouldn't want from them as an adult dog! No puppy excuses! :)

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