A Message from Victoria

Why so many videos?

I'm sure you've noticed I constantly bombard the world with dog training videos :) I do this for a few reasons.

For one, I love letting my clients see their dogs while they are with me for training. Leaving your dog somewhere for 2-4 weeks can be really hard, so I hope that they find comfort in seeing their dog's daily progress, as well as learning a bit about their training along the way. It is a wonderful way to help people get an idea of who I am, what my programs are like, and what it will be like for their dog to stay with me. If I were going to take my dogs to someone, I would want to know as much as I could and be really curious about the process, so I try to share that glimpse daily for folks who would like to know.

But mostly, I post an obnoxious amount of educational videos and photos because I know dogs are turned into shelters everyday for behavioral issues. I know rescues are bursting at the seams with dogs, struggling for donations for training, and turning away new fosters because they are at max capacity and have no available foster homes. I know there are dogs dying in shelters everyday because they are "unadoptable" due to behavioral issues like jumping up, barking too much, being destructive, or pulling on leash (the majority of shelters are full of dogs with BAD but non-aggressive behaviors). Families that love their dogs are suffering and often at a loss - possibly making a very serious decision of surrendering their dog or worse - because their dog is out of control. The number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelters, not adopted/are returned to the shelter or rescue, and prematurely euthanized are due to behavioral issues.

I share so many videos and stories of the dogs I train, so people can see dog after dog make positive changes in their behavior with a style of training and a lifestyle that is simple, straightforward, and doesn't take months and months for success (or in many cases limited results) in the real world. I can promise you one thing - dogs in most shelters don't have months available to them to stop jumping or pulling on a leash. Moms with napping toddlers don't have months to get their dog to stop barking or knocking over the kids with excitability. Families with dogs that have aggressive behaviors like growling, biting, lunging, or fighting need help now and need to see documentation that dogs and situations like theirs can be helped (sooner than you'd think) and don't have to be given up on. Folks who have tried a training style before that didn't work need to know there are other options. I remember being a person with two fighting dogs, thinking heartbroken that "this is it, this is our life - my dogs are aggressive and one needs to be given away or put down" and then seeing dramatic videos on TV of dogs that fought, not fighting anymore. A trainer helping humans taking back control of their lives and living better with their dogs because of it - empowering people to be the human and leader their dogs need, and to become aware of ourselves to better serve our dogs.

Because of what happened for me and how seeing those changes improved our lives, I constantly want to share this stuff. I want to give other people hope and help their relationship and life with their dog, whether I ever meet you, work with you as a client, or not. I can only hope that the videos and posts I share impact someone who may be at the breaking point of taking their dog to a shelter, or have been told by other trainers and professionals to put their dog to sleep, like I was. I hope that they may feel empowered to try something (such as a new training tool, like a prong collar or quality e-collar in conjunction more balanced training approach) or work with a different dog trainer that might just help save their dog's life. I can only hope that rescues and foster homes are excited to get to work educating adopters and training their foster dogs with balanced methods and tools that will set them up for success and results in the real world. Most of all, I truly hope that someone looking for a new dog will see that rambunctious dog at the shelter and give them a chance, because they are willing to step in and share direction just as much as affection to help that dog, and the millions of others behind bars, be the amazing dogs they are. I hope that people will look at a balanced dog training lifestyle of YES and NO, with training tools that help communicate effectively, not as a last resort, but as an awesome way to begin a relationship with a new dog.

I hope my videos inspire others, who want to help dogs, share their message in such a way to impact their community, too. Education is key to helping humans live better lives with their dogs, and I can only hope that I have had an impact on at least one person, as so many others have inspired me. We all have so much to give, and so many ways to help these dogs and families.

I have a YouTube channel full of free how-to training videos. If you are struggling with your dog, I hope you find them helpful, educational, easy to follow, and fun! Www.youtube.com/taketheleadk9

If you are dealing with serious behavioral issues or are in need of a balanced trainer recommendation because you don't live in the Orlando area - let me know! I have many talented colleagues around the country who I can refer you to.

Let's make 2017 the best year for dogs and families yet! Happy #FosterDogFriday

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