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Free Structured Pack Walks



A structured pack walk is a walk that shows you how to properly communicate with your dog, in a way that he or she understands using various tools, your energy, and body language .  I want to show families that you do not have to struggle walking your dog--it can (and should!) be a very calming and relaxing activity that, if done right, strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It is NOT a walk for socializing and "shaking hands".  It is about empowering the human. This is how walking your dog should look and feel!

These structured walks continue our training by promoting mental & physical well-being, exercise, respect, behavior modification, impulse control and safety. Your dog will be exercising and learning at the same time!

Dogs improve their social skills as well as their behavior by being around other dogs in a positive and balanced environment.  Safety, (for dogs and humans) is extremely important, so all dogs are expected to be under control and in a proper heel. This is achieved by helping your dog tune into its “pack mentality” and exercise these skills by providing consistent leadership and influence of other dogs. An extremely structured environment will allow your dog to improve their leash manners, as well as their behavior around people and other pets we encounter on our walks.  The heel position will prevent your dog from invading the space of other walkers and their dogs.


**All dogs are required to be on a properly fitted prong collar, slip lead, and/or e-collar with a 4-6 foot leash--NO retractable leashes allowed.  (For dogs under 10 lbs please use a micro prong or slip lead).  Please view my Prong Collar Video for sizing instructions.**

Please Note: When everyone arrives PLEASE keep distance from other walkers and dogs initially, for respect and safety reasons.  No dog should ever meet face to face on leash, everyone should refrain from using high pitched voices, and try to be as calm and low-key as possible.  There may be some dogs here that are not good with other dogs and/or strangers interacting with them, so please have respect for each handler and their dog by NOT approaching one another.  If you choose to bring food or treats, they are only for your dog and the training program you are working on.  Please do not feed other people's dogs!  As we being to move together, the dogs will begin to become a pack unit!   Limit one dog per person unless otherwise specified.


The walk lasts for about 1.5 hours and all participants are required to bring their own water and poop bags. 






SUNDAy October 6, 2019 @ 7:00pm in ORLANDO

(Exact location and details will be emailed to participants upon sign-up!  Space is limited, so sign up soon! DOGs must wear a properly fit prong collar.)

If you've signed up before, just shoot me an e-mail that you're coming again! :)

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Before you fill out the contact form, please check out our FAQServices & Rates, and our Photos & Videos to get familiar with our training methods, facility, and prices.  We want you to be just as excited to work with us as we are to work with you!  If you are at that point, then…

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$20 per dog


**This class is only offered to clients who have graduated from E-Collar Board and Train or Private Lesson programs. Please e-mail me at  to let me know if you'll be attending!



e-Collar Graduate Group Class

This group class is an opportunity for clients who would like to proof their dog's training in a structured and controlled environment with other dogs and people. The idea with these classes are to continue your hands on education and skills with your dog and their e-collar training!  These are one hour classes on Sunday Mornings - please check the schedule below for dates!



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