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Before you fill out the contact form, please check out our FAQ, Services & Rates, and our Photos & Videos to get familiar with our training methods, facility, and prices.  We want you to be just as excited to work with us as we are to work with you!  If you are at that point, then… 

We keep numbers very small for our Board & Train Programs to give each dog the time and attention that they need.  Please send your inquiries as soon as possible so we can get started!  We know how important and time-sensitive dog issues can be, and how they can affect your daily life--we want to get you back in control of your life as soon as possible!

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 Victoria with her 4 dogs: Leo, Mowgli, Khaleesi, and Ramses

Victoria with her 4 dogs: Leo, Mowgli, Khaleesi, and Ramses


Any breed, any age, any problem


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Phone:  (321) 348-4956

E-mail:   victoria.smith@taketheleadk9training.com   



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