Dog Training Cat Has a Tip for you!

Dog Training Cat Tip of the Day: Dogs should not be expected to tolerate hugs, kisses, and being picked up (if their small enough) by every person they meet. Many dogs need to build a relationship with someone before they feel comfortable with that kind of close interaction, and even still may not like it. Remember, as their leader we have a responsibility to do what's best for our dog. As our dog, they should be able to trust that we'll put their needs above our own. This means that even if you got a dog or puppy for the purpose of hugging and kissing , your dog may not be that kind of dog--and that is OK. They still absolutely have the ability to be a great dog, just not a great teddy bear (and dogs should not be confused as such!) You need to be a leader who understands that and adjusts your priorities for what is best for your pack. -Cenicero, ‪#‎dogtrainingcat‬