It's a Lifesyle

Dog training is not just about obedience commands. If it's good--it's about a lifestyle. It's about figuring out the best possible way to live with your dog. When you can feel connected to your dog, not because she is always on your lap, or he is always sitting at your feet, but because you can really have a conversation--that's when it's working. When your dog knows what is expected of him, does what you ask, and looks to you for guidance. When you see your dog seems uncomfortable or unsure, and you know what to do to help them feel differently, advocate for them, and help them focus their mind else where. When your dog is making a poor choice, crossing a boundary, or loosing focus and you step in, correct it, and they learn a lesson from you. When your dog is at its highest distraction and you have the ability to regain their focus on you, breakthrough the moment to make better choices, and not be so reactive to life. It's when you help them be the best dog they can be--not anxious, nervous, over-excited, over-stimulated, stressed, or agitated. When you know what it takes to help them be comfortable in their own skin and you apply it everyday to your lives, by changing your goal from the relationship your may WANT to have with your dog, to the relationship that you NEED to have. All of this is a constantly evolving, living and breathing process that never stops. But, that's when you are being a true leader, and your dog (and yourself!) will find true happiness and balance.