Trying to find the words to tell you...

I LOVE this job!  Working with families and their dogs is such a rewarding and never dull experience.  

I often come into the lives of families and start talking about things like "leadership, structure, setting boundaries, dog psychology, being the pack leader, respect, having a tuned in dog" and it can often seem like a bunch of great ideas, but hard things to implement.  I do my best to help my clients understand what I am picturing inside of my head for them, but there is a high possibility my words may not match up to the clarity or extent that they need to.  I'm trying, but until you've "lived" those things and can relate, I know it's hard to gather exactly from my words how to make it happen.

So, let me share with you the best dog training/psychology/general life improvement blog on the internet.  This is written by my mentor Sean O'Shea and it pretty much nails each of those topics so clearly and flawlessly that I am learning something new every time I read a post.

I hope you love it!!!

Pack Walk with myself and Sean O'Shea!

Pack Walk with myself and Sean O'Shea!