Why do we use Place Command so much?

The place command is such an important part of training for clients and dogs. Duration work (long periods on place or in a down/stay) help condition your dog to be relaxed, calm, and have powerful impulse control.

For hyper/excitable dogs, place helps them learn how to regulate energy and have an on/off switch.

For anxious dogs, place encourages relaxation and impulse control, while discouraging anxiety ridden behaviors like pacing and barking.

For aggressive dogs, place promotes a clearly set and non-negotiable boundary. Conflict cannot arise if your dog is on place and knows the rules. Fights are much less likely to happen with two dogs on separate places - guests are less likely to be bitten with a dog in place.

For pushy dogs, place provides a rule and expectation which helps owners show their dog that they are in charge. 

Place command and structure are the key to a calm home and avoiding problems, while nurturing a calm state if mind. Free roaming and too little boundaries allow dogs to make their own rules, and for many families it feeds into problem behaviors, anxiety, and/or aggression.

In a nutshell, to get maximum benefit of Place Command - ask your dog to do it often. The more often they practice being calm, the more they rewrite their bad habits!