Kids & Dogs: Preventing Dog Bites

FOSTER DOG FRIDAY EPISODE #9 | Kids & Dogs: Preventing Dog Bites

The idea behind this video series is to help people who are struggling with their dog find answers, and to help rescues by giving foster families the tools to help create well behaved dogs for their forever homes!

My goal is that with the right information more dogs can stay in their homes, rescue groups can have more successful adoptions (and less returns back to the program), and foster homes can have a game plan to create well behaved, adoptable dogs!

Episode #9 talks about an important topic - Preventing dog bites and the relationships between dogs and kids. I believe if we can educate more people on dog body language and appropriate interactions, as well make sure we place energy and temperament compatible dogs in homes with kids, we can have a win-win for everyone!

Dog bites can be easily prevented when you know what you are looking for - my hope is that we can start to change the way we interact, and teach children to interact with dogs, so that all members of the family stay happy and safe! Most dog bites are from a family pet, so it's important to realize the importance of respecting a dog for being a dog AND teaching out kids how to properly interact with them! Countless children are injured by dogs, and often dog's are put to sleep for things that may have been preventable if an adult knew about proper interaction between species.

In the news recently, there was a very heartbreaking story of a child bitten by the family dog, 10 days after being adopted, when the toddler went to take a toy from the dog's mouth. Accidents like this can be so easily prevented with better education and understating on how to properly introduce a dog into a home, especially one with children. Understanding and respecting the limitation of a dog in regards to compatibility with a family with kids must always be taken into consideration when adding a pup to your pack.

Most dog bites to kids actually happen infront of an adult, so it's not a lack of supervision - I believe it is a lack of understanding what appropriate interactions are with animals AND respecting the fact that these are cute, fluffy, predators in our homes!

If we become PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE, we can see trouble before it starts and keep dogs and kids safe :)

Stay tuned for the next episode! Happy Foster Dog Friday!