Dogs that make the most of us!

Did you know that most people who get into dog training typically do so due to problems with their own dog?

Mowgli, our now 10 year old corgi, is the dude behind this whole Take the Lead journey. His willful and smarty pants attitude (in addition to my angsty first years of college that included spoiling the stew out of my cute little puppy and not knowing a thing about meeting the needs of his breed) created an unstable relationship, and ultimately a troubled and pushy dog who would eventually show his true colors when we adopted a second dog (by proceededing to start bloody fight after fight, including a bad one where Jorge was bitten).

The period of time (months and months) following those fights were some of most challenging but life changing moments of our lives. We opened our minds to a new way to live with out dogs that would keep them balanced and happy, while setting boundaries and consequences. These changes moved mountains for the relationship our dogs had with each other and even more so, the relationship our dogs had with us. We actually were able to take back control of our home and not walk on eggshells and live in fear that each moment could end in bloodshed! 

However, our new way of life did not come without hard work, diligence, and follow through! We worked hard everyday (and still do!) to make sure that all of the dogs in our lives, personal or client, are having those boundaries and expectations set daily so that they are the most successful they can be. Mowgli, especially, keeps us on our toes and is a daily testament of providing strong leadership. Everyday he challenges me, and everyday I am reminded if I am doing enough for him by the behaviors he gives in return.

For those of you with dogs like Mowgli, who keep you on your toes, remember that the end game is worth it, but never forget the daily leadership work that it will take from you