Change in you = Change in them

To most people the idea of "dog training" means the dog has to learn to do new things and change behaviors. However, to see a change in your dog you have to make a change in you too!

It can be as simple as stopping yourself from constantly repeating or being confusing in the way you give a command. It could be making yourself aware of any excess tension you are putting on the leash. It could be much harder, like realizing that constantly spoiling your dog is actually feeding the behaviors you don't want. That having your dogs in bed with you, cuddling on the couch, roaming the house willy-nilly, doing zero work for tons of reward is giving them an entitled attitude that is causing conflict (or undesirable behaviors) with the other dogs/people/pets/guests/etc in your home. 

To get our dog to change, we must be willing to change too. It takes effort by both the dog and the owner to see changes--relationships should never be one sided :)

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