Set the tone - Early and Often!

Here's a little tid bit that Mako's owners and I talked about during their go home lesson, but relates to anyone with a pushy/easily distracted/bratty dog! If you've been through training with me, this concept is very familiar to you, as it pertains to the mindset your dog has for you and in different situations. 

Setting the tone, early and often!

Pushy and bratty dog behavior stops, and polite respect starts, when you interrupt attitude in its tracks! You are only taken as seriously by your dog as you present yourself in your relationship through your day to day interactions. Improve your relationship by making those moments matter, and move your and your dog's behavior in the right direction! 

Remember, you can't expect your dog to listen under big distractions if you haven't asked them to be respectful without them. Stay consistent in your leadership and discipline, and you will be allowed to be more generous with your praise, because your dog will be more well behaved and respectful of the balance you share :):)

Be as believable in your rules, boundaries, and expectations as you are/have been in your affection and softness and you guys can have a great and respectful relationship. (You will know if you are believable to your dog, based off of their ability to listen, make better choices, and pull their weight in their work!)

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