The Inside Scoop

I want you to know that I love and am so grateful that you are reading my blog.  Each post comes from my heart, and is full of the passion I have to see people and their dogs succeed.  I hope that it inspires, empowers you, and can give you some help on your journey.

I want to let you in on my new project, that is all fun for me, and aims to provide entertainment and (hopefully) educational insights into dog training.  If you follow Take the Lead on Facebook you already know that in addition to having 4 personal dogs, I also have a cat.  If you didn't know that, let me introduce you!

Meet Cenicero--my dog training cat!



This blog will give you an inside scoop to the workings of a Take the Lead board and train from his "kitty point of view."  It's been fun putting it together, and I hope you enjoy it!  Believe it or not, he really is a very important part of my training process!  :)  If you want, keep an eye on his blog--it's pretty active, as he has a lot to say! :)  

Thanks again, my friends!