Remembering where you came from and enjoying where you're going!

Yesterday was a pretty special day! Years ago, within a week of adopting my second dog, they started fighting. My world was upside, I was so shaken, and so discouraged because it wasn't just one fight--it was many many fights that required medical care for both dogs and humans breaking it up! Then, like many dog owners, I turned on the TV and watched a show that helped me make sense of it all. The Dog Whisperer became a daily routine for me to watch and apply, as I took detailed notes and studied everything! I changed the way I behaved and lived with my dogs everyday to be the Packleader my pack needed. Quickly a new passion developed as I saw changes in my dogs, and I wanted to help others.

Since those years ago I have met many amazing dog trainers and rehabilitators who have inspired me, taught me, and continue to do great things and offer the knowledge to others! These are some of the most talented people I've ever met and owe a lot of ny current success and knowledge to, and it could all be non-existant if my boyfriend and I had not turned on Nat Geo one morning and found a glimmer of hope for our pack. It's hard to believe how far I've come from watching TV shows, to meeting and working with some of the best in the country! It was very nice last night, to shake hands and talk to someone who had no idea who I was, but played such a big part in starting this journey and keeping my pack together! I'm also very glad I got to share that moment with my friend and groomer Autumn, who's story is very similar to mine and Rick Denning who invited us out! 

It's important that we always remember where we came from and celebrate those moments--but never stop growing! You owe it to the world, and yourself, to keep becoming the best you can!