I'm not Pocahontas, but…

I’ve never felt more connected to nature than when I am out walking my pack.  Walking a pack of dogs is like being transferred into the wild–truly incredible and extremely primal.  One of the most extraordinary things I find is that wildlife that we pass stays so close, so curious about us.  The squirrels, rabbits, birds, and occasional cat (not so wild, I know) all keep a watchful eye on us as we make our way through their world.  They can sense our calm energy and respond with their natural calmness and curiosity, as well.  Before I began my work with dogs, I could barely walk one dog.  We certainly did not get close to any creatures, because he was chasing after them while barking his head off, dragging me behind him.

Having the trust and respect of the dogs I am handling creates a trust and respect in the natural order of things.  Together we are a moving pack,  just as a pack of wolves are, crossing through the wilderness.  Only when those wolves are hunting does their energy change, and prey-like creatures run from them.  However, those creatures don’t see a wolf and instantly flee, instead they keep a close eye from a distance and judge the energy of the passing pack.  If the pack leader gives the signal to hunt, then the rules of nature take the pack from a calm to lethal state, and prey responds to that.  However, if the pack leader gives the message to remain in a calm and following state of mind, the pack remains neutral, and nature watches in an equal mental state.

It’s hard to imagine our poodles, golden retrievers, chihuahuas,  pit bulls, and dachshunds as wolves, but they truly are pack animals.  They are creatures bred to hunt, but they are also creatures bred to follow.  Be their pack leader and let nature embrace you all.  You may feel closer to the Earth and your dog than you think.